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How to Pick The Perfect Red Cherries You'll Love

30 Jan 2023 0 Comments

Looking for the perfect cherry to sweeten up your summer? With so many choices available, it may be difficult to know where to begin. But don't worry, we've got your back! Here are some pointers to help you locate the cherries of your dreams.

Whether you love them sweet or tart, big or small, firm or soft, there's a cherry out there for you. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect red cherries!

  1. Choose Your Texture Preference
    Soft vs Crunchy: Some people prefer softer cherry, such as those from Chilean or Argentina cherries, since they are sweet-tart and have a more tender texture. Tasmanian & New Zealand cherries are ideal for individuals who want a crunchier, crisper bite with a distinct fragrant cherry aroma.

  2. Determine Size And Quality
    Cherries are frequently graded based on size and quality, with bigger cherries commanding higher prices. The price of different sizes of cherry may be affected by this grading system. Larger cherries are frequently thought to have a larger meat-to-seed ratio, indicating a higher quality.

  3. Seasonal Accessibility
    Cherry selection can also be influenced by availability, as some customers may choose cherries depending on what is readily available.

  4. Consider The Application
    Different cherry are better suited for different applications, such as fresh eating, cooking, baking, or even luxury presents! Consider how you want to utilize your cherries and select a variety that is most suited for the following uses:
    • For Fresh Eating
      Bing, Lapins, Rainier, Lambert, Sweetheart.
    • For Cooking and Baking
      Tart or mushy cherries or Chilean cherries that are easily accessible.
    • For Gifting
      Tasmanian & New Zealand Cherries. Well-known Brands like Hansen Orchards, WANDIN Valley farms, REID Fresh Premium Cherries, J&P Turner, Dunstan Hills.

You can also look for cherries with a certification of freshness, such as the USDA grade shield, which indicates the quality and freshness of the fruit. If there is no indication on the packaging, here are more tips for choosing the tastiest cherries every single time!

  1. Check The Colour
    Depending on the variety, cherries should be deep red or black. If they are pale or have white spots, they are not fully ripe and may lack the flavour you desire.

  2. Look for Consistency
    When purchasing cherries, seek for a bag or box that has cherries of consistent size. This implies that the cherries were collected at the same time, implying that they are of comparable quality and flavour.

  3. Examine Ripeness
    For the finest flavour and texture, cherries should be plump, firm, and dark in color. Cherries that are squishy, mushy, or have black patches should be avoided.

  4. Examine The Stem
    It is preferable if the stem is green and connected to the cherry. If the stem is discoloured or absent, the cherry is overripe.

  5. Make Use Of Your Senses
    Check the cherries' fragrance for a nice, fruity aroma. Squeeze the cherries gently to check for firmness and juiciness.

  6. Purchase During The Season
    Cherries are normally in season from late spring through early summer. Purchasing in season guarantees the highest quality and flavour.
    So go ahead, indulge in the juicy goodness and enjoy the full summer experience! Happy cherry picking!

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