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Best Brand for CNY Oranges in Singapore (2024 Edition)

Adorable young Asian girl dressed in a vibrant red cheongsam, celebrating Chinese New Year, holding a fresh mandarin orange while gazing at it with wonder and excitement

Hey there, fellow celebrators! With the Chinese New Year just around the corner, it's time to dive into the choices of mandarin oranges. This year becomes a significant decision for festive celebrations as there are so many varieties of CNY oranges available.

In this article, we will bring each CNY mandarin orange variety to the table, ensuring a delightful experience for you and your loved ones. Let's explore all the CNY oranges in Singapore, along with each with its own distinct appeal!

Taiwan Ponkan ABC Brand

Taiwan Ponkan abc brand CNY mandarin orange with free CNY orange bag

Discover the timeless elegance of ABC Taiwan Ponkan, a brand cultivated for over 200 years, earning its status as a fail-proof choice. Sought after by lots of Singaporeans.

  • USP: Perfect for both gifting and personal enjoyment , this brand offers a variety of sizes – L, XL, XXL – and quantities. They even throw in a free CNY orange bag for the 20 pieces ABC Ponkan Gift Box!
  • Appearance: Somewhat wrinkled yet vibrant orange skin, thinner and easier to peel than regular tangerines.
  • Flavour: ABC Taiwan Ponkan promises a delightful citrusy flavour packed with refreshing sweetness in it's less fibrous pulp.


Lukan Mandarin Orange

Lukan orange mandarin orange small gift pack

Straight from Yong Chun, Fujian, Mainland China, the Lukan Mandarin Orange is a classic crowd-pleaser in Singapore, known for its affordability compared to Ponkan.

  • USP: Classic crowd-pleasing orange in Singapore due to the price and longer shelf life compared to Ponkan. 
  • Appearance: Similar in size to Ponkans, while Lukans looks more attractive than Ponkans, with slightly rough, loose skin with a few wrinkles.
  • Flavour:  Despite being not as juicy as Ponkans, Lukan Mandarin Oranges boast a milder flavour profile with bright acidity.


Long Men Jiao Gan Oranges 龙门蕉柑

Longmen Jiao Kan Mandarin Oranges SG

Long Men Jiao Gan oranges is a superior choice for those seeking fruits that remain in optimal condition for an extended duration for an extended duration of freshness, making them perfect for praying and CNY display rather than immediate consumption.

  • USP: Extended shelf life surpassing both Ponkan and Lukan, ensuring a prolonged period of freshness and quality.  
  • Appearance: Less wrinkled compared to Ponkan and Lukan.
  • Flavour: Expect a chewy flesh with an acidic orange flavour, although not as juicy as other orange varieties.


Red Beauty Oranges

Hong Mei Ren Red Beauty Oranges CNY Mandarin Orange

Indulge in the recently popular and highly sought-after Red Beauty Oranges in Singapore, a budget-friendly hybrid between tangerine and orange.

  • USP: A recently popular and highly sought after budget-friendly orange hybrid between tangerine and orange.
  • Appearance: Thin peel that is easy to peel. Also comes in individually wrap  wrapper. Which make it hard to check for spoilage before purchasing.
  • Flavour: Easy to peel and seedless, these oranges offer a sweet, juicy experience with a jelly-like texture and a subtle citrus tang.

Korea Jeju Hallabong Oranges

Jeju Orange Hallabong Chinese New Year Oranges

Embrace the symbol of Jeju Island with Korea Jeju Hallabong Oranges, a rare find air-flown orange from Korea, making it a unique Chinese New Year gift.

  • USP: Rare and symbolic Jeju orange with higher vitamin C content.
  • Appearance: Large oranges with a unique protruding head.
  • Flavour: Juicy orange pulp, richer taste, and sweeter fragrance compared to regular tangerines.

Jeju Orange Red Hyang Korea Red Pearl Orange

Red Hyang Jeju Orange CNY SG Mandarin Orange

Uncover the delight concealed within Jeju Orange Red Hyang, also recognized as Korea Red Pearl orange, as it unveils an intriguing red-orange flesh when fully ripe. This unique trait makes it a captivating choice for a Chinese New Year gift

  • USP:  Unique inner sweet pulp with a surprising red hue when ripe.
  • Appearance: Normal orange exterior with saturated red flesh.
  • Flavour: Remarkably juicy, sweet, and thick flesh. Ideal for those who prefer mandarin oranges without the typical sourness.

Jeju Orange Cheon Hye Hyang Jeju Tangerines

Korea Orange SG Cheon Hye Hyang Mandarin Orange

A symbol of Jeju Island, Jeju Orange Cheon Hye Hyang is a hybrid breed between an orange and a tangerine. Making it an exciting Chinese New Year gift.

  • USP: Offers a tart and sweet aromatic experience.
  • Appearance: Thin skin, incredibly soft flesh, and double the size of traditional tangerines.
  • Flavour: Refreshingly aromatic and tart with complex sweetness.


Taiwan Honey Murcott Mandarin Orange 台湾桶柑

Taiwan Honey Murcott Orange CNY SG Delivery
Discover the rising star of the CNY mandarin orange market with Taiwan Honey Murcott, gaining popularity in recent years.

  • USP: Unlikely to sell out, making it an excellent choice for both gifting and personal consumption as it remains a hidden gem.
  • Appearance: Showcasing an attractive golden orange skin with a smooth and thin texture.
  • Flavour: Indulge in a juicy, rich, and sweet flavour, possibly with a few tiny seeds or entirely seedless.


Japanese Beni Madonna Orange

Lunar New Year Japanese Premium Orange Beni Madonna

Indulge in the exceptionally excellent and rare high-quality Japanese Setoka Mikan, renowned for its perfect appearance and exquisite taste.

  • USP: An exceptionally excellent choice for rare and high-quality orange for CNY gifting.
  • Appearance: Huge vibrant orange with a gorgeous, readily peelable thin rind.
  • Flavour: One of the best taste in the world that offers a rich sweet sugary flavour with minimal acidity.


Japanese Dekopon Oranges

Japanese Dekopon Sweet CNY Orange

Premium CNY gifting experience a premium Japanese Dekopon Oranges that is a rare Lunar New Year orange prized for its exceptional flavour.

  • USP: Accessible Premium Lunar New Year Orange for CNY Gifting.
  • Appearance: With a bright, easy-to-peel skin and a distinctive "top knot."
  • Flavour: Exceptional sweetness and juiciness, providing a burst of refreshing sweetness with mellow sour tones.


Pakistan Oranges Kinno 巴基斯坦柑 42 pcs

Cheap CNY Parkistan Orange

Opt for the affordable Pakistan Oranges, also known as Kinno, perfect for decoration purposes and offering enduring freshness lasting 4-6 months.

  • USP: Known for decoration purpose and do not need to put in the fridge  freshness can lasts 4-6 months.
  • Appearance: With a smooth-textured skin, robust thick peel, and smaller size.
  • Flavour: Leans towards a more acidic and tart profile while being full of juice.


Our Take On The Best Brand of Mandarin Oranges 

Type Varieties
A safe and classic choice - ABC Taiwan Ponkan
An affordable and delightful option - Honey Murcott Mandarin Oranges
- China Red Beauty Oranges
- China Sakura Mikans
Impressive and meaningful gifts that stand out - Jeju Red Hyang Oranges
- Jeju Hallabong Oranges
Unforgettable choices for a premium experience - Japan Setoka Mikans
- Japan Dekopon Oranges

How to Store Your Mandarin Oranges 

Once you get them home, it's crucial to take them out of their plastic bags and store them in a well-ventilated and cool place. Having good airflow helps get rid of extra carbon dioxide, preventing them from going bad too quickly.

Given our hot weather in Singapore, CNY does not last very long. Storing them in the fridge is a smart move. But when you do, make sure to take them out of the plastic bag to stop too much moisture building up, which could lead to mould or spoilage. Also setting your fridge at a temperature between 5 to 7 degrees Celsius can really stretch out the freshness of good-quality tangerines, keeping them tasty for at least two to three weeks.

If you spot any signs of rot on a tangerine, act fast. Either separate or throw away the affected fruit immediately to stop the rot from spreading to the other healthy ones. And, I strongly advise against eating any gone-off fruits to dodge any potential tummy troubles.

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